And A Little About Me, Coulter

The way Kristy and I work in the kitchen really sums us up.  With Kristy at the helm even a simple meal results in every measuring cup, mixing bowl, utensil, etc. spread across our tiny counter.  The result, I must admit, is always unique and usually amazing.  The kitchen stays clean while I cook.  Things are much more systematic, by the book.  I know, lame, but sometimes the food is pretty good.

It’ss cliché, but my being methodical in the kitchen probably results from my being an engineer.  I’sm lucky that my current employer and colleagues have helped me expand my base into all things designed; products, interactions, brands, services, strategies, etc.  It  has given me the opportunity to work in a different industry every few months and learn good design from the best.  Any guesses on the company name?

Okay, that’ss enough talking about myself.  What matters is what you guys think about our ideas.  The best design is simply what resonates with users.  It is the elements that come together to create an experience that pulls people in and makes them come back again.