A Bit About Me, Kristy

After four years of having this idea and waiting for the right moment,  Coulter and I decided to make the dive right after the birth of our son, Quinn.

Instead of sitting on the couch watching the Food Network all day (I would if I could but we don’st have cable!) I make phone calls to bag manufactures, paper vendors, the Massachusetts Board of Health, farmers, and local buyers. I research suppliers,distributors, markets, and co-packers. The easy part: I get to test organic vs. non organic herbs and spices, and try to come up with some pretty unique and interesting flavors. The hard part: there is a ridiculous amount to learn, and I am on a wild goose chase/ lost half of the time! 

A little about myself:  I grew up in CT and now live in Arlington, MA. My most recent job was at the game company- Harmonix.  Yes, they make Rock Band & the new released game, Dance Central. I was the Executive Assistant to the Co-founder and CTO.  It was pretty much a dream job, and I met some incredible folks during my two years there.  

During the past 10 years of travel and job “exploring”, the one thing that remained consistent was my passion for cooking and creating different recipes.  I am obsessed with it and if I didn’st have to clean up the massive mess I make in the kitchen,  I would cook 100 hours per week and be the happiest person on the planet.

I am infatuated with food, and a fanatic about getting things done, making things happen. So ultimately, pairing food with business is the perfect fit for me.  I have always wanted to start a food company, and the time has finally presented itself!

Here we go!