Preferred Popcorn


“Farmers are environmentalists. We’re all on the same team here.” Norm Krug, CEO of Preferred Popcorn.  

Norm has been farming in Merrick County, Nebraska for most of his life. It’s where he raised his family and now has ten grandchildren running around on his land. He is committed to doing as little as possible to intervene in the natural growing process. He practices conservation tillage, which means leaving crop residue behind after harvest to disrupt the soil as little as possible. On Norm’s farm, the cows are turned out to the fields after the popcorn ears are harvested. The cows find any food left behind and naturally reduce the amount of organic matter so he does not have to till the soil the next spring which would release more carbon into the atmosphere. Not to mention it’s a great way to fertilize “naturally” reducing the need for commercial fertilizer.


This is the kind of relationship we strive to have with all of our growers and suppliers: A relationship where we come together to change the way food is grown and made. We hope to see more companies connect with where their ingredients are coming from and share what they know with their customers. There is so much opportunity here to build a new food system that people can trust.