Food Friends Holiday Gift Boxes

This holiday season we reached out to some of our long-time food friends to put together a sweet Holiday Gift Box – perfect for anyone on your list, granted they love organic popcorn and fairtrade chocolate! [Available at our online store, while they last!] “We’re all about sourcing the best ingredients and creating premium blends without any artificial ingredients, flavors or colors because “delicious” and “natural” should absolutely go together!” Little Secrets was started by Kristy’s friend from high school. You’ll find his Peppermint Dark Chocolate Candy Coated Chocolate in the Holiday Gift Box! Think York Peppermint Patties, but way better [and better ingredients!].   “Our story begins with a lifelong love affair of chocolate and our founder’s big-hearted wish for a world in which delicious treats could be enjoyed with peace of mind.” Cisse Cocoa’s founder and Kristy met years ago and instantly connected. They…


Colorado Sunflower Harvest

This is a quick story of where our sunflower oil comes from. Almost two decades ago, four families banded together and built the first sunflower mill in Colorado [and one of the only strictly expeller-extracted plants in the country]. They grew the sunflowers, partnered with other local growers, crushed the seeds after harvest, and pressed them for the oil – high in healthy fatty acids and vitamin E. Nothing went to waste, the crushed seeds became livestock feed for local ranchers. Here are some photos from our last visit with our sunflower growers at Colorado Mills in Lamar, Colorado – a quick four-hour drive from Quinn HQ. A shot from the road in Southeastern Colorado on our way from Boulder to Lamar. Kristy with Doug Uhland, a Colorado Mills farmer-owner, talking sunflower growing practices. Doug’s sunflower heads are heavy with…


Eco Shipping

Let’s start off by saying that we love sending popcorn to you. It’s exactly why we’re here – to clean up snacks, so you can enjoy them! The things is, sometimes those boxes have a lot of empty space inside. All those empty spaces take up space limiting the amount of boxes a truck can carry. This means more trucks on the road. We’d like to work together to decrease the amount of empty space in our boxes. And here’s how, a Quinn Popcorn Eco Shipping guide. Select an Eco order size and we’ll ship your order with as little empty space as possible. To make an Eco order of Microwave Popcorn, use the options below: 3 boxes 6 boxes 9 boxes 15 boxes 25 boxes To make an Eco order of Farm-to-Bag Popcorn, use the options below: 3 (6 bags) 6…


California Olive Ranch

Since launching last year, we are so excited to see Farm-to-Bag Popcorn become a household go-to. We love the opportunity to talk to folks about our focus on ingredients. From healthy oils to non-GMO and transparency; we really do think food should be simple, honest, transparent, and convenient. The backbone of Farm-to-Bag is awesome ingredients and strong grower partnerships. Our California Olive Oil popcorn made with California Olive Ranch extra-virgin olive oil couldn’t be a better demonstration of this. California Olive Ranch, located in Northern California, has a climate like Spain and northern Tuscany (aka perfect for olive growing). Here they rely on time honored family traditions alongside sustainable innovations. At harvest time (a 45 day window) the short bushy trees are harvested quickly and carefully. Within in just a couple of hours of being picked, the olives are milled to maintain the fullest…


Worse Than GMOs

I think we’ve all seen and heard the GMO food arguments and counterarguments. It seems like a pretty complex issue, but in reality, it’s dead simple. (If you need a primer on what a GMO is, check out THIS post.) First there are two distinct positions that keep getting mixed together. Advocating for the elimination of GMOs, and advocating for labeling of products that are made using GMOs. Advocating to eliminate GMOs: This is the position that’s making it look complicated. From emotional appeals to conflicting scientific reports, the argument for eliminating GMOs is complicated and eventually leads to a point for point quagmire. Yes, GMO’s impact on our health and environment is real, but it’s not the root of the issue. Even if you’re convinced that we need to stop growing all genetically modified food, there’s still a huge piece missing. Without labeling, the…

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Natural Flavors

(Here’s a promise from us, we’re always going to share exactly what’s in our product. No hiding behind natural flavors here – the photo above is some of our raw ingredients.) Nature and flavor might be two of our favorite things, so why is this word combo stirring up such a hullabaloo? For us, it comes down to one thing really, a lack of transparency. The words “natural flavor” on an ingredient list just don’t tell the whole story. Here’s how natural flavoring is defined in the Code of Federal Regulations: “essential oil, oleoresin, essence or extractive, protein hydrolysate, distillate, or any product of roasting, heating or enzymolysis, which contains the flavoring constituents derived from a spice, fruit or fruit juice, vegetable or vegetable juice, edible yeast, herb, bark, bud, root, leaf or similar plant material, meat, seafood, poultry, eggs, dairy…


Harvest in Nebraska

This is a quick story of where our corn comes from. Four years ago Quinn Popcorn was an idea that would have never been realized if we couldn’t find the right partners. Kristy spent the first year of Quinn Popcorn in her attic, Quinn in lap, and phone to ear. She was talking to everyone in our food system, trying to pull together all the pieces needed to make microwave popcorn in an entirely different way. Corn was a linchpin. It was a time of 99% dead ends. One of those calls was to Grain Place Foods. Dave, the owner, took Kristy’s call and over the next few weeks they talked corn and organic farming for hours. On our way to visiting Grain Place Foods we admitted to our expectations. Family run, deep passion for farming and food, and happy people doing their life’s…


Don’t Eat Popcorn This Thanksgiving

Do you love Thanksgiving? Do you love popcorn? Well, we have created recipes that incorporate popcorn into all of your Thanksgiving dishes! Just kidding. Even though we are big fans of popcorn, we know there is a time and a place. Snacking? Yes definitely! Part of Turkey Day dinner? Probably not. For Thanksgiving this year, we are looking forward to trying some new things, buying some local stuff and drawing on Thanksgivings past. Here’s a peek into our plans for Turkey day. (The above photo is from a dinner out with the entire Quinn crew at the Gold Hill Inn in Gold Hill Colorado) > Turkey from Jodar Farms with stuffing and dressing. The Great Debate: Inside the Turkey vs. Outside the Turkey. Where do you stand? We are doing both this year! > Cranberry sauce a la can. Just like…


Lemon is Moving On

Sometimes life gives you lemons. If you loved our Lemon & Sea Salt popcorn, then sometimes is today. Lemon was one of our first flavors and a favorite of many here at Quinn. Our special, additive free, dried lemon is no longer available and Lemon & Sea Salt is going the way of Old Yeller, Mufasa, Bambi’s Mom…you get the idea. It’s an untimely end to a terrific flavor. Lemon & Sea Salt was created in Kristy’s home kitchen when Quinn Popcorn was more vision than reality. In our taste tests, Lemon beat out Peanut Butter and became one of the three flavors that launched the company. From day one, Lemon was a polarizing flavor. Those who love it, REALLY love it. Most didn’t know what to expect and needed a push give it a try. The thing is, Lemon…


Popcorn & Beer

​We’ve always enjoyed beer with popcorn and we know we aren’t the only ones. So ​we decided to take some time to really dig into the phenomenon. In other words, ​we stayed a little late Friday night, popped up some popcorn, and invited our friends from Sanitas Brewing Co. over to hang out. Pretty important stuff. Sanitas​ is a Boulder brewery that started up about a year ago. They happen to be down the road from our warehouse which has made for easy and much welcome trades. This past Friday they brought over two​ styles of​ beers and we popped up a bunch of popcorn. This is what we learned…   Beer and popcorn ​go great together – no big surprises there – but if you put a little forethought into your selections they can make each other even better (like any good relationship)….