Hickory Smoked Cheddar + Olive Oil & Herbs

We are ready to release our first new flavors since we started Quinn Popcorn! We have a super scientific methodology for creating new flavors. We try everything we (and you) can think of. Some are just okay. Other’s become staples at QP warehouse. That’s pretty much it.

A big part of the year we spent getting Quinn Popcorn off the ground was spent testing flavors. We were so sure peanut butter & honey was going to be great, but it never got there. That happened a lot. Parmesan & Rosemary, Vermont Maple & Sea Salt, and Lemon & Sea Salt are awesome. If they sucked we wouldn’t still be here. They are still staples at QP HQ. We’ve eaten an unnatural amount of Parmesan & Rosemary popcorn.

Our newest flavors came about in the same informal what-sticks-around matter.

Hickory Smoked Cheddar started out when Kristy had our cheese smoker smoke, um, everything. We smoked cheddar, colby, gouda, cayenne, sea salt, buckwheat (seriously), and paprika. The paprika literally made the whole office smell like a campfire when we opened it up. Just a little mixed with cheddar made the most incredible popcorn. It’s smoky, smooth, and definitely our most rich popcorn yet.

Olive Oil & Herbs was a little more methodical. We knew we wanted an olive oil popcorn; it’s something we grew up with. Kristy set out to find the best US grown and milled olive oil. (It turns out a lot of Italian olive oil isn’t, er, olive oil). We were blown away by California Olive Ranch’s oil. It’s off the charts fresh and fragrant. The right herb balance took a few tries, but we landed with popcorn that’s full of flavor, but still leaves you feeling light after polishing off a bag.

So now that moment of truce. We love the new flavors, but soon we will start hearing what you think. Hopefully our taste buds think alike!


  1. Tracy wrote:

    Yay!!!! I’m so excited 🙂 I just ordered mine!

  2. Cleo Coyle wrote:

    My husband and I are very excited about both of these flavors. We were hoping you’d develop a cheese popcorn–and hickory smoked cheddar, OMG, sounds spectacular, huzzah! We also grew up with families who used plenty of olive oil. The recent news surrounding adulteration (e.g. UC Davis and Mr. Mueller’s book) have been disturbing to learn, and we completely agree with you on the California Olive Ranch quality, which means we’re excited about trying your Olive Oil and Herbs popcorn, as well. Thank you so much for letting us know about your process–it’s fascinating, fun, and exciting. I’ll be placing an order after I post this. Good luck and good eating to everyone at Quinn Popcorn!

    ~ Cleo

  3. Sally wrote:

    I am so delighted to get my order in today. I don’t think I could have waited much longer to get these superb new flavors!!! Now I will be anticipating their delivery. I think I will start with the Hickory Cheddar when my package arrives. Oh heck, I might have to try both new flavors in the same night! 🙂

  4. Katie wrote:

    Just met you guys at the Wegmans show and you totally wowed all of us! Your products are delicious and amazing!! Kudos to your hard work, I can’t wait to promote your product in our store!!

  5. Toni T wrote:

    Just tried the olive oil & herbs and am instantly hooked! Finally, microwave popcorn I can TRUST, and the taste is so fresh and delicious and light! I’m so excited, I’m going to write a letter of thanks to Kroger, the grocery store in my area that must have a foodie on staff, because I find some really cool stuff there. But your popcorn is the biggest find since organic milk!!

  6. Evelyn wrote:

    – I love popcorn recpeis! You should pass by my party and link this up. Pinning the recipe now.Found you over at The 36th Avenue. Have a great weekend!

  7. Amy wrote:

    What happened to the hickory smoked cheddar?? I can’t find it anymore?

    Will my heart be broken forever?

  8. Jes wrote:

    Came on here to order the hickory cheddar popcorn… do you guys not create it anymore?

  9. Jen wrote:

    The hickory cheddar is the best popcorn ever. Why can’t I find it anywhere?

  10. Diana Moore wrote:

    why can’t i find the hickory smoked cheddar on amazon, anymore?

  11. April Ciccarello wrote:

    Why can’t I find the hickory smoked cheddar anymore?? It was my favorite popcorn of all time! HEB was carrying it but they no longer stock that flavor. Please let me know where I can buy it.
    Thank you!

  12. Aaron Low wrote:

    Same here. The smoked Cheddar popcorn was the only popcorn I have ever liked. What happened to it?

  13. Linda wrote:

    How do purchase online the Hickory Smoked Cheddar + Olive Oil & Herbs? They are not on the list for ordering?