The State of QP

It’s been too long since we gave a overall update, so here goes. Last week we packed and shipped the last of our popcorn from Batch 2. Six weeks ago the warehouse was so packed with pallets that it was hard to move around. Now it’s nearly empty. That wasn’t supposed to happen this fast.


Batch two rolled in around the middle of December. This was a big run for us, and our plan showed that with good sales, it would last us through March. Instead, we had blown through half of it in four weeks. We were thrilled…and bummed.


With our next batch arriving early March at the earliest, we have had to hit the brakes and preserve our inventory. In this industry you don’t let your retail stores down. You don’t let their shelves run dry. This meant that, again, we have had to let Amazon run out of stock. We didn’t look for any new stores. We even stopped demoing. We froze everything. That’s where we are right now.


Though it’s frustrating, selling too fast is much better than the alternative. Slowing things down has also allowed us to focus on some of the fundamentals of getting QP to the next step. For example, figuring out distribution has been, ahem, kinda complex. Kristy is unfolding that hazard laden enigma, and we will share some of our learnings in a post soon. Just as is the case with all of our partners, it’s all about relationships.


So, what have we learned from this? Figure out how much inventory you need and then double it. Plan the money you will need to get through, and then double that number too. When you are this far in, it’s all or nothing. Our next batch will arrive soon and it’s biggest yet. We are not going to let inventory slow us down again!


  1. Ivan Y wrote:

    Thanks for an update!

    I think, insofar as Amazon is concerned, you should probably add another zero to their allocation instead of just doubling 😉 Even though Batch 2 had already been up on Abe’s for awhile before Amazon got their share, Amazon’s allocation was sold out in what, a week? I know, some of it was due to a pent-up demand, but — hopefully — Amazon provides some sort of analytic tools (at least, sales by day) to forecast a bit more precisely.

    Good luck with Batch 3 🙂

  2. Coulter wrote:

    I think your right. We have never even come close to meeting the demand on Amazon…

  3. David Berwick wrote:

    Big fan. Keep it up. I am on your side!!

  4. Steve wrote:

    Careful how fast you grow. There is a lot to be said for demand of your product. Makes me think of all those years Coors beer was not sold east of the Mississippi River or something like that. Everyone in the east was talking about Coors for years. When they finally came to the east coast, they were probably ready with well thought out production and shipment plans.

  5. Casey wrote:

    Glad you guys are having such success. I guess we’ll have to wait for our February batch of Kickstarter Quinn popcorn for another few weeks. Couldn’t be prouder of you guys though. 🙂

  6. Cynthia wrote:

    Your popcorn is delicious!! I’m willing to wait as long as it takes to get such a high-quality product. Thank you and good luck!

  7. Linda Santos wrote:

    love to try it way out here in the Berkshires — Guido’s Marketplace in Gt Barrington and Pittsfield would be a good venue — or Berkshire Co-op Market — how does a customer know when next batch is available ??????

  8. MARK BRUZZESE wrote:

    I am one of the owners of AMA Transportation and Distribution company in Billerica, Ma. I would like to see if you had an interest in discussing your logistical service needs. I was reading your blogs and it sounds like logistical services and distribution challenges are on the horizon. Maybe we can help. Please reply back to my e-mail address if interested in talking.