QP Back Online

Wanted to quickly let you guys know that we have been packing nonstop so we can have QP available for the holidays. Batch two is in full swing and we are finally back online!


Variety 3pks

Parmesan & Rosemary 3pks

Vermont Maple & Sea Salt 3pks

Lemon & Sea Salt 3pks


Are all available on Abe’s Market here: AbesMarket.com


Side note:  photo above was taken during a VERY cold demo at Wilson Farms in Lexington, MA.  I couldn’t even feel my toes, but as you can tell, I was pretty happy. We didn’t write that sign, it was there when we got there. ;0



  1. Ivan Y wrote:

    Congrats on the second batch! Will some of it make its way to Amazon or are you going to be allocating it to Abe’s and retail stores?

  2. Coulter wrote:

    Hey Ivan! Yes, we will be back up on Amazon in a about 2 weeks. We are sending them a ton (literally and figuratively) of popcorn this time, but we needed to take care of our retail stores first.