One Busy Thursday

The Holidays are officially upon us and this week has been a total blur.

Today was particularly crazed, but in a really good way!
Early  morning call with Marlowe Granola. A new food friend.
Call with Gourmet Magazine writer about Kickstarter & Quinn Popcorn.
FedEx Freight arrived at 10am to deliver 10,000 bags of popcorn!
Channel 5 comes to shoot some footage at the warehouse and then interview Coulter and me.  I am still really horrible in-front of the camera. Is it possible to get stage fright in-front of your husband? Yes, yes it is. I ducked out of almost all of the shots.
We finished packing the Wednesday evening – Thursday morning orders. All 360 boxes!
We started packing the very large DEAN & DELUCA order, and decided to call it a night at 10. We will finish packing that pallet tomorrow, and then start on the pallet for Amazon! Whole Foods in the Boston area should now be fully stocked, and we will be in more stores by the end of next week!
Until tomorrow, cheers to a very productive day.



  1. Susan R in Maine wrote:

    YUM! My Hubby wanted to watch RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK and I knew he’d want (and I’d want) some popcorn to go with it! Saw you at Whole Foods in Portland and purchased a box. At first I was thinking that 2 bags (inside) would not be enough for 4 people (kids too)… but it was JUST enough… a treat without binge-eating.. and without all that other junk/chemicals.

  2. Coulter wrote:

    So glad you and the family enjoyed it. What a great movie. Just added it to our queue!

  3. Austin wrote:

    I’m still itching to try some of your popcorn. Get it back in stock on Amazon already!

  4. Coulter wrote:

    It’s on the way there! As soon as they put in the system we will let you all know! In the meantime you can pick some up on Abe’s Market.

  5. Coulter wrote:

    It’s back in stock!