Batch Two – Bag Edits

All of the feedback we have received on the Batch One page, through email, and in person, has been helping us make some changes for the second batch. It turns out that things we thought would be sticking points were easy, and the things we never thought of ended up being sticking points. First up for edits is the bag and instructions. Take a look at the draft below let me know what you think. It’s impossible for me to be subjective at this point and thus your feedback is invaluable!


By now I am pretty good at popping microwave popcorn. I have, after all, popped well over a thousand bags in the last year. I also have a pretty new and powerful microwave. For this reason I sucked at foreseeing the difficulty of nailing the popping step. Now that our popcorn is out there we are learning that the popping doesn’t always go so smoothly.


Microwave popcorn is unique among any other grocery store item (that I can think of) in that it can be destroyed, rendered inedible, in 5 seconds. Burning sucks. It takes you from excited for you popcorn treat to disappointed/pissed in seconds. What’s worse, our popcorn seems to be a little more sensitive than the standard stuff because we ditched the susceptor. This took a lot of chemical crap out of the bag, but it also placed extra emphasis on having a decent microwave and nailing the popping time. Also, we seem to be bringing a lot of people into or back to microwave popcorn. This means that they are either rusty with, or not aware of, the listen and stop part of popping.


Okay, that was a verbose introduction to our reworked instructions. They got a little longer to remind and prepare for the care needed in the next steps.


The front didn’t really change. Not shown here, however, we did add a fill line to the side of the bag to give an idea of how much popcorn to expect when popping goes well.



  1. Karen wrote:

    Much better – I find my microwave takes 2 min.
    I’m still trying to get my oil/pour, shake thing down without it pouring out the other end of the bag. Quite frankly, the fresh taste of your popcorn is worth the effort :). Keep up the great work.

  2. Reid Simpson wrote:

    These are clear instructions (but I was OK with the original set, too). I’ll try them with verbatim with my oven next time I pop a bag. I have NOT successfully “bag-tossed” a batch yet, because most of the flavor packet ends up on about 1/3 of the popcorn. Instead I dump the popped corn into a bowl and gently toss it, adding oil and flavoring in the suggested sequence..

  3. Ben wrote:

    +1 using a bowl to apply the seasoning. Shaking the bag just doesn’t get adequate coverage. Also, after coming close to burning a couple of batches by trying to time the delay between pops, I discovered that the Popcorn setting on my microwave works perfectly for Quinn.

    What made me a little sad was that I’ve encountered one seasoning packet in my 6 bags that was virtually empty. Happily, the popcorn tastes really good even without seasoning, but this is still not ideal.

  4. Ivan Y wrote:

    Finally had a chance to sample all three flavors, so a perfect time to write a little review. I really enjoyed the product, so I only have minor technical things to point out 🙂

    (1) Text on a bag is out of sync with a box: bag talks about “open ended toss” whereas box has “open top toss”.
    (2) Out of curiosity, where did you put in the fill line? I’ve only made three bags (one of each flavor); first time I over-cooked it, but this last time I pushed it pretty close to the limit and, after all the shaking, I ended up with about half a bag (up to the level of second-hightest cornstalk leaf (the one under word “side). I think, having a fill line would be great because it seems like the bag is wider than normal bags, so people may feel pressed to overcook popcorn to make more of it and/or feel disappointed by the amount of unpopped kernels (which, it seems, is slightly higher than in a regular bag).

    Really love the neutral flavor, but the tear line is too high. It needs to be lower so the opening actually allows for oil to flow out.

    Lemon one needs about 50% more (just cooked it and, despite all my efforts, there were quite a few “plain” popcorns). The other two flavor packets are packet so tight, it’s almost impossible to open them up without spilling. There needs to be more room up top (without decreasing quantity of seasoning).

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who found QP to be a little more sensitive to timing: 2:55 (did it by ear but proved too much), 2:35 (not enough), 2:45 (just about perfect).

    During my first try, I tried pouring entire oil packet, mixing it in the bag (lots of shaking & tossing), pouring entire packet of seasoning and then shaking some more. That proved to be a faulty method. Last two times I’ve split it further in two: 1/2 oil, mix, 1/2 oil, mix, 1/2 seasoning, mix, 1/2 seasoning, mix. Seasoning is distributed much more uniform, IMHO. (To keep oil & seasoning packets from spilling, I put them vertifically in a styrofoam cup).

    If you are like me and lke an afternoon/evening snack at work but don’t want to dig popcorn out of a bag, I found that a few of those wide single-use coffee filters makes a good improvised bowl 🙂