One Year Old

 Our son Quinn just had his 1st  birthday, and Quinn Popcorn turned one a few days after that! This past year has FLOWN by, but It has been one of the most interesting years I have ever had. I was packaging in the warehouse today, still trying to get Kickstarter packages out of the door, when I realized that I was actually assembling Quinn Popcorn boxes!?!


I guess we have been running around non-stop and it’s been hard for me to stop and look around!  Sh*t, we are actually doing it!  I am still holding my breath, because anything could happen… but right now, it feels good!   The excitement just started to hit me. That, and I think I might be delirious from lack of sleep, quiting coffee, and a teething bambino.


Taking a concept to product in a year has not been easy. I would be 100% lying if I said it was, but nonetheless, jumping in and taking the risk has been pretty fun and extremely terrifying! I still don’t think we are crazy for doing this even though we have $0 in the bank, my babysitters check bounced today, and UPS called to say that we have a 26k invoice…(which is wrong by the way) It still feels good.


Thanks for the support with your Kickstarter pledges, your Daily Candy votes, your Facebook likes, your Tweets, your comments on our blog, your feedback, your help with our packaging and flavors, and your constant support and encouragement! Because of you guys we have survived the first year!


These unpopped kernels are popping!!! (We took the above photo a year ago.. when we first jumped in!)



  1. K. Homes + Jenna, Jayne & Hayden wrote:

    Happy, happy birthday. Enjoy the moment, you earned all of it!!!

  2. Lee wrote:

    Hey guys, I just got my boxes in the mail a few days ago from the kickstarter donations and I was amazed at how great your product it! I can’t wait to see your product on a store shelf someday! Keep up the awesome work and know that you have a huge community that supports you! Thanks for everything!

  3. Lynn Homes wrote:

    Hi I am new to all this fancy stuff but I did reply to the site-want more information from you and so does Madeleine for her shop (Baltimore’s best 2011 and best was in the world 2011) PLUS we want to taste this stuff and give it for Christmas so clue me in so I can spread the word. How about Fresh Market-they just took over the Super Fresh/A&P
    stores here. let me know …we are so very proud!!! xoxo