Batch One

Our Kickstarter backers are just starting to get their popcorn, and we are just starting to get some feedback from them. It’s been amazing so far. Lots of good things, some not so good things, but all of it is constructive and will help us make the next batch better. You might have noticed the new page in the menu up top called “Batch One.” This is basically a spot to put all of your feedback on our popcorn. We love the emails, but it would even better to write it there.

It’s only fair that our Kickstarter backers get first dibs, but pretty soon Quinn Popcorn will be available on Amazon, and it just starting to get onto the shelves of Boston area stores. We are including a card in each box that makes the same request I am making in this post. Help us make it better by telling us what you think! Oh, and do on on the Batch One page.

By the way, we know it’s not perfect! I could make a long list of glitches here, but I’d rather hear it from you guys.

I remember when we did a first round of feedback. This was way back when we were still figuring our the basics. We sent out samples with video cameras to friends and family. Each time we heard nothing, but positive feedback but when we watched the video it was often a different story. There were burn bags, rips, spilled oil, etc. These things resulted in us making a lot of changes. There are no video cameras this time so just be honest!

Also, thank you for voting for us in Daily Candy’s Start Small Go Big contest. We had honestly given up and then somehow everyone rallied, without our prodding, and we found ourselves in the lead! They will announce the winners on Friday. Cross your fingers for us…


  1. Lisa wrote:

    I’m a kickstarter sponsor, and OMG, we just tried our first batch from the packages you sent out. We tried the rosemary and Parmesan, and let me tell you, you had us from the first line in the instructions.

    And then we tasted it!

    Heavenly! Light, tasty, just absolutely perfect. Our intention was to leave a lot of it for our patients (we’re a chiropractic clinic in Brookline), but my secretary and I are nearly gobbled through the first batch. Can’t wait till the next flavor!!!!!!!

    Thank you, we adore it. How can we help get it in stores?

  2. Justin T wrote:

    Kickstarter here. Tried the lemon sea salt. Yum. Best popcorn ever. Your packaging is pretty spot on, I loved the charm in the words.

    It’s very delicious, I just have to find a good shakyness to even the oils and salts. I was very surprised that the paper bag managed to survive the oils. Nice work.

    I’ll save my next purchase until you get your next batch. I’ll add other flavors when I get there.