And The Winner Is…

About 3 days ago we were way behind in Daily Candy’s Start Small Go Big contest. Honestly, I had given up. I stopped hounding friends for votes. I hoped they would just forget about it. If it wasn’t going to go well I just assumed it happen quietly…

Then, something remarkable happened. I started to see little signs that everyone else was pulling for us. I had given up but they hadn’t. I went to Daily Candy and checked out our standing and we were winning. Holy S$%t, how did that happen?! Kristy and I were blown away.

So, in the end we took the trophy. We are so excited, but more than that, it feels wonderfully warm and fuzzy. Everyone pulled for us. They made this happen. That feels pretty good right now. Thank you.

We will post all the details of the spoils. Part of this is a trip to NY in October and meetings with some really qualified mentors. Very cool stuff!


  1. Dave Wolff wrote:

    Congratulations! I too got a little worried watching the percentage drop each day, but like so many other things in life, slow and steady won the race! Today’s my birthday and, to get a little selfish for a moment, what a great gift for me that my favorite “home-grown” company was able to be recognized again for being a quality company with quality people. I’m looking forward to watching some movies with the popcorn hopefully arriving next week. Congrats again, you guys deserve it!