Well, There It Is

We finally found it. There had to be a mistake somewhere on our packaging. Now we know there is at least one. Do you see it? It’s pretty obvious…


Everyone told us that it would be IMPOSSIBLE to ship our first product out the door without making at least one mistake. Being the overly anal perfectionist that I am, I of course didn’t believe them. Coulter was sure there would be several. The blog is loaded with mistakes, but the packaging was supposed to be perfect!


The funny thing about this was that we caught this mistake right before we sent the file to the printer. After we corrected it, we sent the WRONG file to the printer. Painful. We had so many sets of eyes looking over the final proofs, that I am still shocked someone didn’t catch it, but we didn’t.


It would be easy to beat ourselves up over this, but this is just going to happen sometimes. Sure, I would have rather missed a comma than misspelled the name of one of our states, but such is life.


So, if anyone from “Kentuckey” is reading this right now, we apologize. Kentucky is beautiful and we are slow. We promise to get it right the second time around.


  1. Ivan Y wrote:

    Instant collectible! Do misprinted food items skyrocket in price just like misspelled stamps or mis-struck coins? 😉

    On a positive side, it’s not an error on an outside packaging and the first run is pretty small.

  2. Kim H. wrote:

    Glad you DID catch it before the next run and you get ginormous!!! Still awaiting our first boxes of deliciousness…..forget the t-shirts and cozies….wah, wah, wah I want popcorn!!! L, K :o)

  3. Coulter wrote:

    Soon! It turns out that shipping 800 boxes is pretty complicated. Who knew! We finally have it under control and shipping starts soon.

  4. Coulter wrote:

    What’s funny/sad is that we had it right in this post: http://www.quinnsnacks.com/2011/06/package-design-wrap-u/

    That post went up well before the pouches went to print. Somehow an old file got in there. These things happen…

  5. Becky wrote:

    How about a very large and established all natural/organic company putting out a drink that states loudly on the front, “NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP” and then clearly stating on the back as it’s second ingredient, “high fructose corn syrup”, ha! I still have the picture somewhere as proof! I wouldn’t lose much sleep over this one!

  6. Eve wrote:

    Kentucky is spelled wrong on the parmesan & rosemary sprinkles package (“kentuckey” = not right).
    Carry on.

  7. kim wrote:

    i kinda like “kentuckey”. hailing from tennessee and georgia myself, sometimes the phonetical spelling of a southern state seems more fitting, especially when said when a southern accent.;) excited about your product and can’t wait to try it! you’ve done an amazing job!