Packing Popcorn

We started packing boxes three days ago. I have to say it feels pretty incredible to see all those boxes and all that popcorn. We stared in amazement for about 20 seconds and then started packing. It wasn’t pretty at first. It sounded pretty simply beforehand, but, actually, it takes a number of steps to get to a packed box. After a good bit of trial and error we got a good system down.


We’ve brought in all the help that we can fit in our tiny warehouse space. The four of us started out moving around a lot. We would build a few boxes and then move to the popcorn to put a few bags in before moving to the… Sunday was our third day and there wasn’t any people moving; just popcorn boxes. We created a pretty efficient assembly line and each had our assigned tasks. The glue gun is the trickiest job. You can blame me if you get a box with a little extra glue on the top.




In three days we packed up a little over 2,000 boxes. That just about covers our Kickstarter friends, and they are first on the list. We still need to get our shipping setup for this volume so it might be at week or so before the boxes go out.


There is another reason we are a little delayed. We are heading to Boulder, CO on Thursday to speak about Quinn Popcorn in front of hundreds of people. More on that in the next post.


P.S. The shirt voting is neck and neck. Man, I was hoping for a clear direction on this one!


  1. Kim H. wrote:

    Well done! I am SO looking forward to getting my boxes of popcorn! Pick the shirt YOU want to wear and we will happily follow your lead!!! K ;o)

  2. Ivan Y wrote:

    Can’t wait to get my popcorn either, but even if it’ll be a couple more week, it’d still be a great turnaround time for a Kickstarter project, at least the types of projects I’ve backed. You had everything planned out and prepared even before posting it on Kickstarter and were able to get a jump-start whereas most other people aren’t as far along when they put their project on Kickstarter.

    One more thing — have you considered offering boxes with more than two bags (e.g. 10-bag single-flavor or 12-bag mix packs for online sales; could even be a plain brown box)? Obviously, I don’t know for sure, but I’d suspect that people who order online would buy more at the same time (at least, I do). It’d also save you on packaging costs & efforts and customers wouldn’t have to recycle 5-6 two-bag boxes.

  3. Arlan wrote:

    I agree with Kim. If you choose either one of the shirt designs and really stand behind it, people who want to buy a shirt will be on board. Then after a few weeks or a certain number of those shirts are sold, you can even bring in a second design as an alternative option. You don’t have to worry too much about not pleasing everyone. I think in this case its more about people wanting to support you guys and rock a shirt with your name on it than anything else. Both designs are cool in my book:)