Where Do You Want To See Quinn Popcorn?


Trying to get Quinn Popcorn into stores and onto shelves goes something like this:


Call a store, get the name and info of the grocery buyer. Email the buyer, or if I am lucky, I actually get to speak to that person on the phone!  Give them my 30 second pitch. This is the tricky part.  I find that when I start off by saying, “It’s microwave popcorn”, I loose their attention immediately! This is when I say, ” I know what you are thinking, but Quinn Popcorn is different.”  Then rapid fire…….. I spurt out, “It’s non-GMO, organic corn kernels, pure ingredients, expeller pressed & healthy oils, AND our Pure Pop Bag, stripped of everything but paper.”  I usually get their attention with this, but sometimes I don’t… and that’s when I result to, “I will send you an email with all of our info, and samples when we get them in, thanks for your time!”  I am actually better at this than I am making it sound. They want to see that I care about what we are making. That always comes across.

Actually, I have had some pretty amazing and lengthy conversations with buyers. I have also fought through a few to make sure they understand our product; it’s reason for existing. All in all the response has been incredible.

So, the main point of this post, ” Where do you want to see Quinn Popcorn?” It’s impossible for us to know all of the markets where it would fit and your help finding them is greatly appreciated. Any and all ideas welcome! Just post in the comments at the bottom of this page!

Please let us know! So we can get Quinn Popcorn at a store near you! Thanks guys!


  1. Anonymous wrote:

    stew leonards in norwalk always loves new products and local ones too! 

  2. sd wrote:

    I agree! Stew Leonards in Norwalk, ct. (they also have other stores in CT)

  3. Sarah wrote:

    Whole Foods, Heinens, Zagara’s (the last two are small locally owned grocery stores in Cleveland, Ohio)

  4. heather wrote:

    I think your product will be a big hit here in Boulder, CO at natural markets like Vitamin Cottage, Alfalfas and Whole Foods. Maybe you could even get local volunteers to have sample stations so people can actually taste the product! (I’ll volunteer!)

  5. Chris wrote:

    In Little Rock, Arkansas a perfect store would be Fresh Market we also have Whole Foods. Either one would do

  6. Anonymous wrote:

    Wegmans!! They carry a lot of specialty and organic food. They are extremely popular here in the north east.

  7. Donna wrote:

    I would love to see it in places like Trader Joe’s or in New Jersey there is an organic food store called Black Forest Acres. I think this product would be perfect for either.

  8. Annick Gaudreault wrote:

    Want to see it in Montréal!

  9. Gerard Rosell wrote:

    Did you think an international market?? In the cinemas?? I’m from Catalonia, and in Barcelona would be great to have an space for this product..

  10. Kristy wrote:

    Thanks for all of the suggestions!! Yes, we would love to get Quinn Popcorn in Boulder and up and down the east coast! Montreal is a great idea!

    Our goal is to get distribution internationally as well! A big goal- but hopefully we succeed in doing this!

    Thanks for all the leads!

    Kristy & Coulter

  11. Abby wrote:

    Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. And online! With (preferably) a low shipping price!

  12. Joseph wrote:

    I would love to see it in Hawaii, but I know that it would be a logistical nightmare. So, next best, get it to Amazon and I will take care of the rest! 🙂

  13. Carol wrote:

    Believe it or not you may want to try some liquor stores. So many of them now have taste testings weekly. You could try contacting The Vin Bin in Marlborough Good Luck

  14. Laura Gouzie wrote:

    I would like to see it at stop and shop!

  15. Nicole wrote:

    Try Sprouts stores, I am sure they would stock it and I woudl buy it!!

  16. Anna wrote:

    I live nearby in Cambridge, MA right across from Pemberton Farms on Mass Ave – which is a PERFECT place to sell Quinn Popcorn! I’d love to see it on their shelves 🙂

  17. A.Wallingford wrote:! Best for those of us living in the middle of nowhere with very particular tastes.

  18. Ryan wrote:

    You should try Giant Eagle supermarkets. They’re mostly in Western Pennsylvania and maybe a few in Eastern Ohio; they’re sort of like Wegmans, but they don’t usually have as much shelf space dedicated to organic/natural foods. But if there isn’t a Trader Joe or Whole Foods nearby (which is the case for most of Western PA), Giant Eagle is the place to go for higher quality food.

  19. Kim wrote:

    I know I would definitely see this product in Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s. I live in Chicago, IL and we have other major supermarkets like Jewel and Strack and VanTil. I would love to see your product in these stores because I believe not everyone can afford to shop at Whole Foods, let’s face it they are a very pricey store and have earned the nickname Whole Paycheck. If your product is available at Jewel, people shopping there want food that’s better for them but due to financial constraints have to shop where they can get the most for their dollar. I know Trader Joe’s is affordable but not everyone has one relatively close to them. My mother in law for one has one that is over an hour drive away from her so they go once in a blue moon and usually for specialty items they can’t get elsewhere.

  20. Joshua Smith wrote:

    I read some of the comments and I have to say I would love to see it in Trader Joe’s here in St Paul MN!

  21. Kristin wrote:

    I think it would sell well at Earth Fare, at least here in Boone, NC.

  22. Kevin wrote:

    I would say Henry’s (which is now Sprouts) in the Elk Grove, CA area. I believe people would buy it around here.

  23. eclecticvalue wrote:

    I would like to see it at Wegmans. It is a east coast grocery store chain that has an organic section and I am sure they would be intrigued by it.

  24. Kristy wrote:

    You guys are awesome!

    This is extremely helpful!

    We are reaching out to Sprouts and Wegmans this week!

    We will be on Amazon in Sept!

    Liquor stores- great idea!

    Thanks again! Coulter and I are reading all of your comments and reaching out to everyone!

  25. An wrote:

    We’ve got a co-op here in Iowa City called the New Pioneer Co-op – I’d love to see this popcorn there. It’s on the web at .

  26. Mia wrote:

    Woodmans! And Jewel Osco!

  27. Linda wrote:

    I work at a college in the midwest and they purchase a lot of their food for their on campus convenience stores from
    Sysco I am sure the health conscious college students would love to spend their meal plan flex $ on Quinn Popcorn 🙂
    Another source I used when I had a food co-op was Eden Foods a natural, organic food purveyor
    Locally where I live Wooster Natural Foods and Buehlers are the
    main grocery stores. The others like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods and Giant Eagle are over an hour away. I will probably use Amazon in the meantime.

  28. Jen wrote:

    In Keene, NH. We are opening a local food co-op!

    They are still in the planning phase and are looking for vendors!

  29. Jennifer wrote:

    I think your product would do great at Dean & Deluca stores!

  30. Cris R wrote:

    PPC Natural Markets in Seattle please!

  31. Gregory Heller wrote:

    I’d love to see your popcorn out here in seattle: PCC Natural Markets and Central Co-Op come to mind as natural fits (no pun intended).

  32. Jeannie wrote:

    I live in Houston, yes Houston, and Quinn Popcorn absolutely HAS to be on the shelves at Central Market!

  33. Derek wrote:

    In the Twin Cities area (Minneapolis/St. Paul), a great option would be Byerly’s or Lund’s. Also, Valley Natural Foods (a co-op) in Burnsville, MN which is a suburb of Minneapolis/St. Paul. Of course, the Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and any SuperValu-branded chain stores would work, too.

  34. Pat F from MA wrote:

    How about Debra’s Natural Gourmet in Concord MA. She is nearby and just the sort of place that I think would appreciate your product.

  35. Peter wrote:


    I saw your product at Lifestyles Market in Victoria, British Columbia Canada today. Nice work you two.