Graphic Design Iron Man

Yup, that’s it.  That’s the final dieline.  This (and the two other flavors) will go to the box manufacturer tomorrow, and a few days later they should be printed.


As you may have guessed, vertical won out.  We made just about every change that the group suggested.  It is really difficult to have any perspective when you are so close to something for so long.  You were all a huge help in steering this to a better place.  Thank you.  It’s been a sort of graphic design Iron Man for me, and I am so ready to be done.  If you catch a typo you can get a chuckle when you find it that way on the shelf.


I will post the full set of mock-ups tomorrow which includes the three boxes, the bag, and the five pouches.


  1. avida wrote:

    great job, guys! i love it.

  2. K. Homes + Jenna, Jayne & Hayden wrote:

    Ok, I know the box arrived WEEKS ago. But we had to contain ourselves until we were mostly all here to enjoy the trial run of the Maple Sea Salt experience. TOTALLY WORTH THE WAIT!!!! Delicious, fun to make, and oh, so addictive. I understand it all so much better now!!!

    WE WANT MORE, please sir, may I have some MORE!!!!!

    Kinda messy with the oil, maybe should have had a shake or two before I added the seasoning for better coverage. But the oil from my hands is now all over the keyboard — couldn’t wait to tell you…….

    GOOD JOB — and seriously, SEND MORE!!!!!

    Love, Kim, et. al.