Launching With These Three Flavors…

There are many reasons why we have chosen the below, but among all of them, we chose them because we couldn’t stop eating them!  Even while we were testing into the night, and absolutely full of popcorn, we kept reaching for more…until there was nothing left.


For about 8 months we have thrown out tons and tons of test flavors and massive amounts of coated popcorn kernels.  We finally knew the winners when bag after bag disappeared…when our friends called and texted that they just ate their test kits for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!  Seriously, that happened.


After spending countless hours pondering over your feedback, and perfecting these recipes, we are going to launch with the below three.  We have searched high and low for the perfect ingredients, for the perfect sources, for the perfect taste. One is sweet, one is savory, and one is salty.  We hope these flavors appeal to all food lovers out there. They are not too decadent, not too gourmet, not too crazy.  Both kids and adults should love them, and most importantly, feel good about sharing with family and friends!


Parmesan & Rosemary: Our parmesan cheese powder will be coming from Kentucky. We found organic rosemary that will come from Peru and Spain.  Our sea salt is harvested off the coast of Brazil.


Vermont Maple & Grey Sea Salt: Our maple sugar is exclusively from Vermont. Our sea salt is coming from France, particularly off the cost of Brittany.


Lemon Sea Salt & Grape Seed Oil:
We have finally figured out the exact blend for this flavor. It’s so top secret that I can’t say! 😉  But, this will be a blend of two different salts, one from the coast of Brazil, one from the coast of Sicily.  It even includes Myer lemons, grown in California.


We will be using non-gmo Canola oil and grape seed oil. Both expeller pressed, both extracted from the plant mechanically.  There are no solvents used in this process, no chemicals, no hexane!  I am really proud of this, because it’s been very tough to find.


That’s it- 100% pure ingredients- no bullsh*t.


We hope you guys like!

PS.  We are still working on the above colors! They are NOT the final ones that will be displayed on our boxes.


  1. Liv wrote:

    Just tried all three of these flavors and they tasted great! Very fresh even though it was in powder form. Nice work guys! My favorite was probably the maple brown sugar.

  2. Sasha wrote:

    ummm…hello?!?! we are still waiting for our kits 😉

  3. Trent wrote:

    ohh man I want some !


  4. Sasha wrote:

    Sounds amazing…cannot wait to try them and see them finally on all the shelves…awesome job you guys!!

  5. Kim Homes wrote:

    Ok,,,,,ummmm,,, we are ready to absorb whatever singular flavor you sent… did send it, right???? In Charlotte now. hope it’s still there when we get home!!
    I’m so excited!! GREAT WORK YOU GUYS!!! The popcorn eating population salutes you! K ;o)

  6. Isabella wrote:

    What I find so itneetrsing is you could never find this anywhere else.