Box Evolution Continues

A friend and talented graphic designer lent me a hand today. I took his suggestions as well as a few from you guys and put together another proof.


I like it, but I am a little worried that we are straying from the identity that we are trying to establish for Quinn Popcorn. It feels like we are pursuing a graphic design style only because it’s on our minds right now. Really, we should think about the fundamentals of our brand, and translate that to aesthetic. In summary, maybe we need to try simple…as some of you suggested!






Okay, so the back didn’t change that much.  At least it now highlights the important stuff.  Also, I think the front and back have a tighter aesthetic relationship now.


Thoughts?  What would you think if you saw this on the shelf?


  1. Elizabeth wrote:

    Kris and Coulter!

    I love the front! It really grabs you! I also like how the back is clean and simple yet gets what you need to convey on the box.

  2. avida wrote:

    I love it too. Nice job. It reads “organic” to me. I would flip the box over right away to see what’s up.

  3. Sasha wrote:

    I like it a lot! I was going to send comments on the layout but I am too late as always. Sorry! I do like the new and improved version though. It is clean and inviting and I would buy it if I saw it on a shelf. I like that there is less to read and it conveys all the key points. The human mind is in a 3 sec “scan” mode when you grocery shop so this works for that. I have a question though, is there a reason you are not highlighting the fact that it is organic corn?? Or does the fact that its non GMO automatically make it organic?

  4. Kristy wrote:

    Sasha- great question! I had to ask this one myself when I was going through this process.

    Interesting facts: Organic means that it has to be GMO free. (stated by the FDA)
    however, GMO free is not always organic.

    So where our corn is organic and therefor GMO free, our canola oil is not. Our canola oil is only GMO free, and not organic.

    We are still working on the wording, but yes, we will 100% add that our corn is organic. 🙂

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone!

  5. Trent wrote:

    Love the new box design. Very eye caching, Quality is the first word that comes to mind. Nice work guys!