We Need Your Brain, All of It

This is the part where I ask you for ideas.  Our bag needs a name.  Yes, we will use your idea and give you only popcorn in return, but think of the fame!  We welcome any thoughts, great stuff to crappy idea, from “clear-pop” to “Fahrvergnügen”.


It’s starting to look like our bag kicks ass.  A few features need to be tweaked, but for the most part, it works amazingly well.  It does this without the Teflon susceptor patch and without a plastic liner; it’s just paper!  That’s great, but now we need to think about how to communicate all that awesomeness.  No one is going to read a paragraph about how great a popcorn bag is.  We need to get it across in two, maybe three words max.  We need something that people will remember but also doesn’t make us look like we are trying too hard.  We need to nail it.


Don’t leave me hanging…



  1. Paul Olson wrote:

    Unfortunately, all I can think of is “Kernel Condom” … clearly there are better names than that.

  2. Anonymous wrote:

    hahahaha that’s funny!!!

  3. Ali wrote:

    How about d-bag as an ode to the blue wave pride….you can swing as, “de bag” – very french.

  4. Ma Lewis wrote:

    I’ll consult the brain trust… and get back to you.

  5. N. wrote:

    kettle kitchen
    pop it
    popping heat

    corn hole…..

  6. Anonymous wrote:

    The Quinncubator

  7. Tracy and Dana wrote:

    The Paper popper.
    The PopQuinn.
    The Quaper.
    Joey Bag O’corn!!!

  8. Jay wrote:

    The “Send us an effing bag o’ corn already”!

  9. Katie wrote:

    Corn bag, the pop bag, I’ll have better ones tonight when I actually pop it:)

  10. Coulter wrote:

    I just spent 30 minutes in the thesaurus and I’ve got nothin’!

    “Pure-Pop” was thesaurized into “Unadulterated-Explosion”

  11. Anonymous wrote:

    The peppy piping package of popping corns

  12. Anonymous wrote:

    Turd Fergusson

  13. Anonymous wrote:

    The Natural Popper
    The Zen Popper
    the chic shaker
    Children of the corn….

  14. lauren wrote:

    The Incredible Husk

  15. lauren wrote:

    Earth Popper
    Go Green Bag
    Au Natural Bag
    People-Safe Popper
    Green Husk
    Quintessential Popper

  16. n/a wrote:

    the naked vessel

    bag o’ clean

    compost it bag

  17. Liv wrote:

    Omg “quinncubator” hands down! Or something with kettle but spell it quettle heheheheh

  18. bret wrote:

    popcorn husk

  19. c schumer wrote:

    POPCO…..the better popper popper

  20. Coulter wrote:

    After much deliberation it looks like “Pure-Pop” took the title. Quincubator, Quintessential, Paper Popper, and many others are all simply amazing. We asking around Pure-Pop just seemed to get the message across without addition explanation. It seemed to say it all in a really compact way. I’m not sure it is nearly as memorable as the others though…