And the Winner Is…

Thanks to all of the comments on the bags, we now have what we hope is the final layout.  I was so stuck on this, and I can’t tell you how helpful it is to have some guidance from the group.


As for the bag name, we aren’t quite there yet.  It’s shown as “Pure-Pop” on the bag now, but that’s just a placeholder for now.  The suggestions are amazing, and we will write it up once we find the best combo!


I’ve got to say, I was a big fan of the horizontal instructions.  No one agreed…  It took a little time, but now I see it your way; the vertical is way better.  For the most part the smaller husk was preferred as was the double line bag top.  We also lightened the text a little as the instructions started to feel a little intimidating.


This is a little more detailed, but what do you think of the copy?  The goal here is to sound less like a lawyer wrote it and more like a, um, person is behind this.  I am also okay if it ends up just sounding like the layer was hammered when composing the instructions.








  1. Kristy wrote:

    we are still having issues with “THIS SIDE DOWN” placement. Any suggestions on how to make this more fun and unique would be awesome!

    Besides that, we love the front and back layouts and hope you guys do too!

    Thanks again for the amazing feedback!

  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Maybe its just me, but… the instructions read like they were written up by some ornate techie hopped up on amphetamines who’s unnecessarily proud of the fact that he knows how to defrag his computer and you don’t.

  3. Coulter wrote:

    I could see it sounding a little pompous. It’s hard for me to imagine an “ornate techie” but I think that is what you are getting at.

  4. Jay wrote:

    Just giving you a hard time. Trying to make the point I feel like consumers are viewed as a herd rather than people a lot of the time. It’d be refreshing to see a little gratitude from the purveyors of a product (ie- please and thank you’s). As an example, Virgin America bothers me that it tries so hard to be hip and trendy, but at that same time could give two sh!ts about me as a customer. You can have a sense of humor and still convey gratitude to your consumers.

  5. Danny wrote:

    This side down… What if it had no box, was outlined and cast a small little shadow in front of it. The shadow should get bigger towards us. In a Monty python way, it might look like it’s about to fall forward. Especially if one letter or exclamation mark was already downed. Otherwise you might see how it looks getting the right side of the box lined up with the last n in quinn or popcorn and see how it looks. I kinda like it already.

  6. Coulter wrote:

    Wow, love the shadow idea. Will try.

  7. Sasha wrote:

    Would have to agree on the instructions comment. Perhaps by design but when I first read it it did read a bit like a popcorn popping for dummies meets oprah manual (you know the take a deep breath….don’t get too excited…your smarter than this). Especially when there is a seperate section with Tips for Pros :-)so does that mean if your a dummy who cannot get it together than please don’t bother reading further haha…just kidding…

  8. Trent wrote:

    I think your instructions are perfect. But I think the intro and closing line could be simplified perhaps. I understand what you are trying to do with the opening line by disarming the consumer and adding a little humor for someone who may not realize they have a few steps to go before enjoying their popcorn.

    instead of :take a deep breath you got this
    Pehaps something like: “your Popcorn Bliss is mere moments away”

    Instead of “give yourself a high five your ready to eat”
    “Quit reading this and start eating your delicious Quinn Popcorn !”
    “Enjoy your steaming bag of popcorny deliciousness”

    I would say

    Instead of Tips: for Pros
    Tips: For Perfect Popcorn

  9. Trent wrote:

    How about “Eco-Pop” for the bag name. or “Q-pop”

  10. Coulter wrote:

    Nice suggestions guys! I’m working on a updated bag now and taking your thoughts into account. The language is a little less snotty, kitchy. It’s a damn fine line…

    Also, I like those names Trent. We still don’t have that nailed.