How To Fill Our Pouches?

With a baby in one hand, and a cup of coffee in the other….  I wish it was that easy.


Our bags will be filled with our corn kernels in the Midwest. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about those logistics, because that would have been bit of a nightmare. We do however need to worry about getting our oil and spice/herb mixture into pouches. We have a couple of options that we can pursue and they are all pretty complicated.  There is no right answer, there is not a best path to take, and each one has its pros and cons.  I am having a really hard time trying to decide what to do.

1. Get our kitchen certified and start production out of our home kitchen.



  1. Coulter, being the engineering geek that he is, is designing a machine that will help us fill pouches .Its small enough to put on our dining room table, and simple enough for me to work it.   Plus, we can easily transport this anywhere.
  2. We don’t have to leave our house- everything is right here- I can fill when Quinn is sleeping.
  3. I don’t have to hire a babysitter.  (bad pro, I know, but I need to think about these things!)


  1. I am not even sure if we can get our kitchen certified, I am running into issues with the Board of Health.  I speak to the director almost every day, and every day there seems to be a new problem.
  2. We won’t be able to sell across the state line.
  3. We have 1,000 sq feet of space, and with a baby, hardly any room to spare. We will outgrow this space very quickly.


2. Work out of a shared kitchen 8 miles from our house.



  1. Clean space to work out of.
  2. Having storage space.
  3. Not having to worry about our dog or our baby getting into ingredients…


  1. Having to trek into Boston when we need to fill.  Coulter will most likely have to do this after work hours and into the night- meaning, we should buy a lot of coffee stock…
  2. Paying a high price per hour.
  3. Additional issues such as insurance, hiring help so Coulter wont’ have to fill by himself, etc. etc.

3. Try and find a co-packer to fill our pouches.



  1. Having our oil and ingredients shipped to them provides us with more free space.
  2. They fill everything at once and then ship back to us so all we have to do is put them into our boxes.
  3. Saves us the headache of filling so we concentrate on actually getting our product into stores.


  1. We lose control, and if you couldn’t tell, I am a control freak.
  2. Added labor and shipping cost etc. This scares me because as of now, our cost of goods is getting up there.
  3. Since we are low volume right now, it’s been hard to find someone actually willing to work with us!

All of these scare me, and none of these options will be easy, but who said starting a food company would be easy? BRING IT ON!




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