Flavor Poll

We added a poll to help us narrow in on the best sounding flavors.  It’s on the sidebar.  Go and vote for all the flavors that sound good to you.  Choose as many as you want.  Comment on this post if we missed a good one.

We have been working on sourcing the best ingredients and refining our recipes but there is another important dimension to flavors.  How good do they sound like they will be.  How does the buyer imagine that flavor when reading the box in the grocery store isle.

The photo is of the chip/snack aisle at our local Whole Foods.  It’s pretty amazing (scary) how many options there are.


  1. Pat McNair wrote:

    Hi, Coulter! What a fabulous idea! Hope you will appreciate my sharing an idea with you… I think it would be great to have a Quinn’s face drawn on the packaging. What do you think? It would personalize the product. I know you and your family are having so much fun with this new venture. Wishing you the best of luck with it! Blessings, Aunt Pat

  2. Coulter wrote:

    Love the idea! We need more Quinn in this! So good to hear from you Pat!

  3. Liz wrote:

    I love several of your flavors so wanted to comment on my favorites but can’t find your Flavor Poll to see what flavors I missed.