Bag Update – Getting There…

It’s been a while since we have written an update on the popcorn bag effort but a lot has happened behind the scenes.  Last time we posted we were experimenting with a variety of bag geometries using bags we sewed together.

Since then we have been working with a bag manufacturer who already makes microwave popcorn bags.  Their machine dictates that the basic bag geometry will be very similar to existing microwave popcorn bags but we are changing almost everything else.

The bag will be squarer and have deeper gussets than a standard bag to provide room for shaking.  The material will use our naturally grease resistant paper to avoid the plastic or chemical greaseproof coatings that the current bag uses.   We will not use a susceptor so all of the associated health concerns there are eliminated. Did I mention its recyclable, and compostable etc. etc?

I should preface all of that with we hope to…  We had a German supplier ship the paper to the bag manufacturer for a test run.  Yes, Germany is the only place we could find uncoated, food grade, naturally greaseproof paper in the thickness that we need.  The bag manufacturer is going to test the material in the next few weeks and if all goes we will move forward to nailing down the details. Will keep you posted.


  1. Lyle Rustad wrote:

    Our non-profit Foundation is most interested in your progress and results of your potentially healthier & safer Micro-Wave Popcorn Bags….

    Approx how long before you’ll know more & before your new & improved bag to then be approved by the FDA &/or whatever other Govt. Agencies?

    We certainly applaud all your efforts! Thanks Lyle

  2. CT LaRochelle wrote:

    I’m a little late on the bandwagon, but what exactly is in your popcorn bag design if it’s a paper that’s “naturally grease resistant”?
    Just an honest question, I was actually having microwave popcorn earlier and realized I never bothered to look up what that metal strip was, nor anything else regarding microwavable popcorn. Your article on the bag was eye-opening and I’m looking forward to trying out your product.

  3. Coulter wrote:

    Great question! First, it’s really “resistant” and not “proof” as oil does slowly soak into the paper. Our paper is mechanically pressed through a series of rollers which compresses and aligns the paper fibers. This greatly reduces the porosity of the paper. There’s no chemical or coating, it’s just pressure. Typical paper is very porous which can be easily seen if you Google an image of “microscope paper”.

  4. Popcorn Fan wrote:

    What’s the latest status of your microwave popcorn bags?