Bag Material Options

We discussed our need to depart from the classic microwave popcorn bag in any way we can in a previous post.  Since then we have been researching and testing alternate bag designs and materials.  We are looking for something that doesn’t contain any chemicals but is up to the task. I think we found it!

We want to avoid coatings such as plastic, wax, or silicones that are needed to make regular paper grease proof.  Remember that we are applying oil to the bag as part of the prep process.  The oil would soak right through a plain paper bag leaving your hands covers and probably ripping the bag.

After some searching we found a type of paper that is naturally grease resistant.  It is made by further mechanical processing of paper.  Mechanical processing means that they are not using harsh chemicals or coatings but rather using force and heat to change the properties of the paper.

What’s interesting is that this material wouldn’t work for regular microwave popcorn which has the oil already in the bag.  The material is only grease resistant and would soak up the oil over time.  I love that our unique, add the oil after popping, has benefits beyond allowing us to use healthy and flavorful oils.

The next trick will be finding a supplier of the material.  I don’t think any of the off-the-shelf bags are going to work.  This means we need to find a bag manufacturer who is willing to try something new and have them create a custom bag for us.  Oh, and we need to figure out the bag design as well.  More on that soon.


  1. Tricia O'Connor wrote:

    Hey, just letting you know that I am a big fan of popcorn but stopped eating microwavable stuff when I found out how unhealthy it is.

    I tried to do my own in the microwave using a ‘popper’ but it was a disaster. So, all the best to you: the bags are the difficult thing, using no metals or unsafe adhesives.

    God knows the answer. Call unto Him and He will show you. He is awesome!

  2. Kristy wrote:

    Hi Tricia,

    Thanks for your comment!
    We are still working on the bag, but we will not be using metals, and we hope to use a food safe adhesive as well!

    Our product will be healthy to eat, and you can feel safe about putting it in the microwave!

    Thanks again,


  3. Kristin wrote:

    Hi ~
    I am a big fan of your popcorn, and i see you have worked out on the paper bag challenge, would it be possible to share this paper material so we can all eat microwave food using a better materiel ? Thanks